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Welcome to Lorien Wood, a Christ-centered K-8 school where parents, teachers, board members, and students join together in the great adventure of exploring God’s world and discovering our place in it! 

It is our Biblical Worldview and foundation on the Word of God that leads and guides our every step. This year, we are excited to join together, exploring the entirety of scripture in our yearlong theme: "Cover to Cover: Discovering Our Place in God’s Story.” We know God’s Word is a story for us and has the power to change us.

Knowing our identity is in Him, we will prayerfully consider the ways we see that identity formed and molded through Christ. We will discover how this Truth is knit throughout history—where do we see the redeeming work of the Gospel? Through our discovery and explorations, we look for glimpses of Christ’s work in His people and in His world. We also find ways we can bring this good news to those who need to hear it!

We recognize the many ways God reveals Himself to us through the natural world, His Word, math, science, reading, writing, and a variety of other pursuits. We agree with St. Augustine that “all Truth is God’s Truth” and strive to know Him more through all areas of learning and discovery.  We know through this joyful discovery, Christ is transforming our minds and hearts, making us new in Him.

Lorien Wood has been blessed by over 15 years of beautiful and thoughtful curriculum growth and development building our students’ understanding that “all Truth is God’s Truth.” We know, however, that Lorien Wood is so much more than just curriculum—we are a school that aims to educate whole persons: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. 

Please explore our website and discover more about who we are as a school and community of lifelong learners. If you find this website of interest, or if you discover that it raises intriguing questions, please contact our office at 703-854-1640 for more information or join us for an Open House event or school tour.


Amy Butcher
Head of School, Lorien Wood