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Welcome to Lorien Wood, a Christ-centered K-8 school where parents, teachers, board members, and students join together in the great adventure of exploring God’s world and discovering our place in it! 

Our year is full of joy as we face adventures in each and every area of the school. This year, we are grounding our learning and discovery in our year-long theme: “I Am: Knowing Who We Are, Because of Who He Is.” As we consider the names of God, we will consider our own: Who are we as Learners? Adventurers? Parents? Children?

The students learn what it means to carry new names in each Form where they turn into Owls, Heroes, Disciples, Stewards, and those on a challenging Journey. They are learning what it means to discover more about who God is through the study of His many names, and they are growing in knowledge of themselves by doing so. What does it mean to be an Owl (Obedient, Wise, and Loving)? How can I live courageously as a Hero (Honoring, Encouraging, Responsible, and Obedient)? We know that understanding more about these Lorien Wood names helps us to know the mission God has called us to this school year.

 In addition to our students’ discovery of their unique names in each Form, parents are also transitioning to new names in their school-year rhythms. You may be learning what it means to carry the name “Chauffeur,” “Lunch Parent,” “Recess Parent,” “Homework Helper,” “Washer of Smelly Outdoor Clothes,” or a myriad of other names. Each of your new names may also take some getting used to and we are here to join you on that adventure!

At Lorien Wood, we know, however, the most important name of all is Image-Bearer of the one true King. Knowing and understanding this name allows us to come together as a school, unified in our mission to help children explore His world and discover their place in it. In doing so, we aim to reflect Him in all of our interactions and work. Together we claim the promise of Psalm 9:10: “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” We seek to know who He is, so we can more fully understand who we are.

As we study the names of God, He will knit these names into our lives and hearts in unique and intimate ways. May we be challenged by the names that reveal His Holiness, certainly exposing and then refining our own imperfections. May we feel comforted by the names that reveal Him as healer and provider. May we realize anew the ways He will satisfy our every longing—as a school, as families, as followers of Christ.

Please explore our website and discover more about who we are as a school and community of lifelong learners. If you find this website of interest, or if you discover that it raises intriguing questions, please contact our office at 703-854-1640 for more information or join us for an Open House event or school tour.


Amy Butcher
Head of School, Lorien Wood