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Welcome to Lorien Wood, where parents, teachers, board members and students are co-adventurers in the quest to explore God’s world and discover our place in it!

Lorien Wood is a Christ-centered K-8 school in which grace and truth are partners, where life-long learners work together to grow intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually in the context of community. Lorien Wood enjoys a dynamic and robust culture that celebrates both dignity and delight, initiative and imagination, orderliness and an “organic,” flexible approach to doing life together in school.

We believe that God created each child as an “image-bearer” of Himself, providing teachers, parents and mentors who serve to prayerfully shepherd and instruct students with humility, clarity, confidence and skill.

This website is your invitation to explore. Our goal in offering the information on this website is not to “sell you,” but rather to help you understand what we are about, in order that you might be able to discern whether Lorien Wood is a place whose goals you share, and whose philosophy aligns with that of your family.

I invite you also to view two videos that further explain our school's distinctives and integral curriculum approach to learning.

If you find this website of interest, or if you discover that it raises intriguing questions, please contact our office at 703-854-1640 for more information or join us for an Open House event or school tour.


Amy Butcher
Head of School, Lorien Wood