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2nd and 3rd grades

In Form 2, the two-year integral curriculum uses a theme for the year to tie together a series of units that are approximately six weeks in length. These units allow for rich discussions and experiences that ensure that history, science, math, the arts, communication, and religion all inform the student’s exploration of the topic.

In alternating years Form Two follows the themes of “The American Adventure” and “The Heroic Quest.”

Year One — The American Adventure: A Pioneering Spirit

This year is composed of the following units:
 •  The First Americans: Living with the Land
 •  The Early English Settlers: Surviving in a New World
 •  The Thirteen Colonies: Building a New Life
 •  The New Nation: Establishing our Identity
 •  The Push West: Seeking Adventure
 •  The Final Frontiers: Exploring the Unknown

Year Two — The Heroic Quest

This year is composed of the following units:
 •  The Hero's Quest: A Life of Virtue
 •  The Quest for Valor: Military Heroes
 •  The Quest for Reverence: Heroes Seeking Truth
 •  The Quest for Perseverance: Heroes Against All Odds
 •  The Quest for Beauty: Creative Heroes
 •  The Quest for Confidence: I Can Be a Hero!

Click here for examples of the literature woven into various Form Two units each year!