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In addition to Lorien Wood's Biblical Worldview, Integral Curriculum, Teaching Grounded in Classical Study and Joyful Discovery, Character Development, Nurturing the Uniqueness of a Child, Parental Service, and Outdoor Education Distinctives, these unique aspects of our school create a vibrant learning experience for our students. 


Relational Community

Small class sizes helps kids feel known.

Small, mixed-age classes are designed to identify and develop each child’s individual abilities and also serve to help each child feel known and valued as a unique image bearer of God. Community is developed within each classroom as students come together with the common goal of learning as they collaborate and connect with one another.

Parental Involvement fosters community.

Parents become familiar with their child’s learning community and develop deep relationships with other families as they serve alongside one another. Our deeply invested parents come alongside students by modeling life-long learning, regularly serving in the school, and offering their time and talents inside and outside the classroom.  In addition to annual community events, we hold parent coffees and dinners, family nights, and parents and children frequently gather after school on the playground for times of fellowship.


Meeting the Unique Need of Each Child

We create space for all kinds of learners.

Too often children are excluded from a Christ-centered, well-rounded, rigorous education because they do not fit the mold of a typical Christian school. Either they have a different learning style that causes them to perform poorly in a traditional classroom setting or their parents do not have the means to pay for private schooling. In more unique situations, students may even have a disability that many Christian schools would say they cannot accommodate. 

At Lorien Wood, we have always believed that God created us in unique ways and we have always sought to nurture that uniqueness in each child for the good of the body of Christ. We believe a culture of inclusion is Biblical and allows our school to better mirror the whole body of Christ. This allows us to serve the whole family unit.

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