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Experiential Learning Across the Forms

We engage children as whole persons through experiential learning!

We believe that children are whole persons and as you engage their minds, you must also engage their hearts and bodies. We value hands-on experiences, living books, recitation, narrative, nature and picture study - all elements of Charlotte Mason. 

We heed the call of scripture which beckons us to “taste and see,” as we invite our students both “to know” and “to do.” Weaving experiential learning with other elements of our teaching methodology provides a robust learning experience.


Form 1 Field Trip to Potomac Overlook Regional Park where they participated in their Birds of Prey Program during their Skies Unit.


Form 5 students hosted an elaborate Gilded Age dinner as a culmination of their Freedom to Grow and Work Unit (studying the Industrial Age). Students were served an elegant four-course meal and dressed up in era-appropriate clothing.


Form 2 stepped back in time to the 1840s to imagine life as pioneers as they wrapped up their “Push West” unit with a fun in-school field trip.Some of their thrilling adventures included pioneer schoolroom and Oregon Trail simulations, unit-integral snacks (jerky and cornbread muffins), spinning wheel demonstrations, pioneer dancing and games, chores, a General Store visit, panning for gold, tin punching, and gardening.



Form 4 celebrated the end of their humanities unit on the Medieval World with a Medieval Day. Students dressed up as their selected Medieval characters, engaged in morning liturgy, played medieval games (ring toss, darts, etc..), competed in physical challenges, danced, and enjoyed a delicious feast!