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Variable Tuition

At Lorien Wood, we do not want the cost of private school education to hinder a family from experiencing our unique and inspiring model of education. To this end, we offer Variable Tuition in which families pay on a sliding scale of tuition based on their child’s year of schooling, parental service commitment and contribution, and potential additional financial assistance. This approach of Variable Tuition allows us to partner with families in a variety of life stages.

How Does it Work?

First, your base tuition is related to the grade your student is entering for the coming year. You will notice the cost of tuition rises in the older grades due to additional learning experiences and expenses.  

For each family interested in lowering their base tuition cost, we offer the opportunity to commit to weekly Parental Service for a tuition credit. This involves committing to a minimum of 70 hours of service during the school year, with the most significant portion of those hours covering weekly “Daily Life” tasks (recess, lunch, etc). Families need to be able to commit to at least one parent coming to school during the middle of the day around once per week to receive this Parental Service Credit as part of our Variable Tuition program.

In addition to committing to the Parental Service Credit, families are then able to apply for financial assistance. This is awarded on the basis of financial need and utilizes a standardized evaluation through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Services. Only families who commit to the 70-hour minimum of parental service are eligible for financial assistance. A Variable Tuition Financial Assistance application is due along with your admissions application. Please visit the FACTS website to apply online (click here). You will be notified via email of the financial assistance decision after admission decisions are made. For inquiries about our Variable Tuition Program, email

Tuition Prices
Grade                                        Tuition with Parental Service Credit

Jr Kindergarten ("The Shire" 3 day)            $4,800 (6,000 + Mon)
K - 5th Grades                                                 $11,750
6th - 8th Grades                                              $12,000
9th - 12th Grades                                            $12,000


Grade                                        Base Tuition without Any Credits or                                                                                  Assistance

Jr Kindergarten ("The Shire" 3 day)                  N/A
K - 5th Grades                                                 $14,250
6th - 8th Grades                                              $14,500
9th - 12th Grades                                            $14,750

Additional Fees

Non-refundable Activity Fees (in addition to annual tuition and due in July):

K - 5th Grades – $350;   6th - 8th Grades – $650;   9th - 12th Grades – $1,100

Non-refundable New Family Fee - (A one time fee for new families joining the LW community. The fee amount is based on the oldest child entering LW):

Shire - No Fee;  K - 5th Grades – $500;  6th - 8th Grades – $1,000;  9th - 10th grade – $1,500

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