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Uniforms / Dress Code Guidelines

Lorien Wood’s dress and grooming principles are:

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories should be of a neat and tidy appearance, modest, discreet in fit, and not a distraction to oneself or others.
  • Hair is to be neatly trimmed, avoiding extremes in style or color.
  • Sandals, flip-flops and similar open-toed shoes are not appropriate for school.
  • Snow or rain boots may be worn at recess.  When snow/rain boots are worn, children are to bring school shoes to wear during the school day.
  • As parts of the uniform become worn, stained or outgrown, parents are asked to use good judgment in updating and replacing these items.
  • Specific uniform items are listed in the Uniform Information Tables.
    • On Mondays, children in grades K-5 may wear the casual uniform (polo shirt & pants/shorts/skort) or they may wear the optional Muddy Monday uniform as noted in the uniform tables.
    • On Fridays and field trip days, students are to wear their dress uniform; dress uniform items are marked with shading on the uniform tables.
    • On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, children are welcome to wear any of the items in the uniform tables in any combination.  The only exception is that the optional Muddy Monday uniform is only for Mondays.
  • A dark leather belt is suggested with all pants and shorts.
  • Uniform sweaters/vests/fleeces are optional but may be worn in the classroom.
  • Non-uniform items (such as outerwear) can be worn outside, but not in the classroom.  This includes non-uniform fleece jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters.

Spirit Wear

We love for our students and families to display their Lorien Wood pride by wearing Spirit Wear outside of school! Please know that Spirit Wear items are not a part of the uniform and are not to be worn during the school day. Form 4 students have a navy LW sweatshirt as a part of their uniform; it is listed on the uniform table. All other grades have the LW fleece as a warm option. We appreciate your attention to this uniform detail.

Uniform Vendor

Lands' End:  Uniforms &  Spirit Wear    Preferred School Number: 900095860