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A Message From Our Athletic Director

Lorien Wood’s mission is to help children explore God’s world and discover their place in it, by cultivating their intellect, character, faith, and curiosity. Our Athletics program provides unique opportunities to expand on that mission through team participation.

Players learn their distinctive roles on a team and the coaches help each player discover how to best use their gifts and skills to strengthen the team. Participation in athletics cultivates Christ-like character, reflecting Lorien Wood’s ‘character development’ distinctive: “We aim to cultivate in the hearts of our students the ideas of biblical character including self-control, discernment, kindness, humility, integrity, joy, responsibility, and diligence.”

Further, playing on a team involves submitting to the instruction of coaches, obeying the rules of the game, exercising self-control, resolving differences with teammates, overlooking minor offenses, developing perseverance in the midst of adversity, remaining optimistic and encouraging in the face of loss and disappointment, learning to both win and lose graciously, and exercising leadership.

Go Rangers!

Michael Abundo

Lorien Wood's Athletic Director 


2023-2024 Athletic Offerings


Boys Soccer (5th Grade-F6)
Co-Ed Lower School Flag Football (F1-F2) 
Co-Ed Running Club (1st Grade-F6)
Girls Volleyball (Watershed-F6)


Girls Basketball (5th Grade-F6)
Boys Basketball (5th Grade-F6)


Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee (Watershed-F6), including LW UF Invitational
Co-Ed Running Club (1st Grade-F6)
Co-Ed Lower School Flag Football (F1-F2)
Co-Ed Upper School Flag Football (F3-F6)
Girls Soccer (5th Grade-F6)


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