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Welcome to Lorien Wood, a Christ-centered school where parents, teachers, board members, and students join together in the great adventure of exploring God’s world and discovering our place in it! 

Welcome to the 2022 - 2023 school year! We have been eagerly anticipating the start of this, the 18th year of Lorien Wood! It is by the grace of God that we are enjoying school in person  -through hours of hard work, sweat, tears, prayer, and determination we are committed to lifelong learning together.

We recognize together how hard the last two years has been on all of us. New routines, new rhythms, unexpected losses—and yet in the midst of it all there is joy and grace for the journey. As Christ- followers, we hold on to hope, knowing He is faithful to His promises!

For all of us, there are parts of this year that are new, different, and uncertain. This newness can carry with it great excitement, but also can have layers of worry, uncertainty, and many unknowns. I would like to take this moment and acknowledge we understand how fraught with emotions these transitions can be, especially during this time.  We are a strong community, a fellowship, together on this adventure. We won’t always get it right, and we definitely make mistakes, but we commit together, here at the outset of our year, to partner with you in this new stage, to commit our ways to the Lord, and through Him, He will knit our hearts and minds together as we serve Him and explore His world!

Please explore our website and discover more about who we are as a school and community of lifelong learners. If you find this website of interest, or if you discover that it raises intriguing questions, please contact our office at 703-854-1640 for more information or join us for an Open House event or school tour.


Amy Butcher
Head of School, Lorien Wood