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Lorien Wood is a Christ-centered school in which grace and truth are partners, where life-long learners work together to grow intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually in the context of community. 

Each year, Lorien Wood augments the operating budget through charitable donations. We avoid typical school fundraisers so as not to distract from the important work in the classrooms and beyond. While we continue to be blessed by solid financial performance, your charitable contributions provide the flexibility to deepen and extend the quality of our educational model and curriculum.

Charitable dollars have helped us to develop and expand our programs, purchase musical instruments and science equipment, introduce iPads in Form Four, further reward our teachers for their excellent work, and give us greater ability to provide scholarships to families for tuition assistance. If you’ve been blessed by Lorien Wood or are inspired by the mission and focus of our school, we hope you will consider participating in our annual fundraiser. Your gift at any level is appreciated!

Support Lorien Wood with a one-time gift or through automatic monthly donations:
To donate a one-time gift or initiate monthly giving, please click on the secure Donate with PayPal button below. (For monthly giving, be sure to check the appropriate box on the giving page adjacent to the Donation amount.) If you make an online payment, please still complete our annual giving letter so we can send a thank you and your tax receipt. Click here to download our annual giving card.  If you would rather mail in your donation, please fill out the annual giving card and mail your check with Annual Fundraiser in the memo line.

Mail to: Lorien Wood, 8200 Bell Lane, Vienna, VA 22182

Lorien Wood is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

If you have any questions regarding school finances or your donation, please contact!

You can text “GIVE” to 703-828-0572 to donate! 
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