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Kindergarten and First grade

At Lorien Wood, Form 1 is a time of growing socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Your involvement, interest, and enthusiasm will help make this a wonderful year of growth for you and your child.

The structure of daily activities is carefully planned to encourage independence, self-confidence, and group cooperation through large groups, small groups, and one-on-one participation in a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences. The activities will incorporate instruction and skill reinforcement in reading, spelling, mathematics, writing, science/social studies, art, music, fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional skills, and language development. These very important years promise to be filled with discovery and joy as your child works and plays, discovering their place in God’s world!

In alternating years, Form One follows the themes of “This Is My Father’s World” and “Real and Pretend.”
Year One – This Is My Father’s World

Based on the hymn, “This is My Father's World," this year's units are as follows:

 •  My Father’s World: Creation
 •  My Listening Ears: Created in God’s Image
 •  All Nature Sings: Patterns and Classification
 •  The Music of the Spheres: Light and Darkness
 •  I Rest Me: Rhythms of Rest
 •  Of Rocks and Trees: Growing and Changing
 •  Of Skies and Seas: Creative and Caring

Year Two – Real and Pretend

This year is composed of the following units:

 •  Dinosaurs and Dragons: Digging for Truth
 •  Countries and Kingdoms: Discovering my Place
 •  The Christ and Christmas: Jesus is the Reason
 •  Citizens and Character: Discovering my Role
 •  Truth and Tales: The Greatest Story of All
 •  Angels and Fairies: Faith in the Unseen

Click here for examples of the literature woven into various Form One units each year!

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Early Readers Book List

At Lorien Wood, we know that establishing a love of reading begins in the early years of a child's life. Our teachers have created a curated list of books to help your family build a vibrant reading culture at home. 

Get our Early Readers Book List (3-7 yrs old)