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Integral Curriculum

Academics are taught with the view that all of creation reflects the integral nature of God and the reality He spoke into being. Lorien Wood seeks to minimize the often artificial divisions amongst traditional subjects, as we purpose to study the whole of the topic.

Experiential Learning

We believe that children are whole persons and as you engage their minds, you must also engage their hearts and bodies. We value hands-on experiences, living books, recitation, narrative, nature and picture study (elements of Charlotte Mason). 

Outdoor Education

Our Director of Outdoor Adventures works alongside teachers to develop relevant outdoor learning experiences in the current unit of study. Children engage in observation, grow in appreciation, and take part in the stewardship of God’s creation.

Classical Study and Joyful Discovery

We believe that children have been designed with an innate curiosity about the created world. Inquiry-based learning harnesses a child’s natural desire to discover, understand, form patterns, and make connections about what they learn. Biblical Worldview

We believe all truth is God’s truth and that all areas of Lorien Wood’s school life are to be understood in light of God’s word.

Parental Service

Our deeply invested parents seek to come alongside students by modeling life-long learning, regularly serving in the school, and offering their time and talents inside and outside the classroom.

Lorien Wood has seven distinctives- These principles form the foundation of our educational philosophy and influence every aspect of our curriculum. 


Lorien Wood believes in meeting the needs of the whole family. We aim to help all of our students explore God's world and to discover their unique place in it. Our intentionally small class sizes and partnerships with parents enable us to serve a wide range of students while fostering a community of lifelong learners. We believe that our students are whole people who not only belong but are essential members of our educational ecosystem. 

Our Admissions Team hosts school tours every first and third Friday of the month at 12:30-1:00pm, September through May (unless otherwise noted). Join us for a brief tour and Q&A - RSVP required to Schedule a tour today!


For more information on the security of our campus, please inquire with our administrative staff at 703-854-1640. 

Uniforms are required for all Lorien Wood students. They primarily serve a functional purpose, allowing our students to be comfortable while learning daily in a variety indoor and outdoor classroom spaces. 

Lorien Wood's dress principles and specifics can be found here.