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This page is designed to be your one-stop source for all information needed for Lorien Wood uniforms. In addition to information below, key document PDFs with complete information and links to online retailers are provided.

Uniforms per Form and General Guidelines

Please read the attached LW Uniform / Dress Code PDF for complete information on guidelines. This PDF has detailed charts explaining what uniforms are needed for each Forms 1-3, Watershed, and Form 4. Questions? Contact Uniform Coordinator Julia Thiele

Uniform Exchange

We have a uniform exchange area available in the school office. This is often a great resource for families to share uniforms their children have outgrown but are still in condition for future use. Be sure and stop by! Inventory fluctuates throughout the year. Contact Uniform Coordinator Julia Thiele for more information.

Where to Buy

There are three sources for Lorien Wood uniforms: The Dress Code, Flynn O’Hara, and Lands’ End. Many uniform items can be purchased at any one of these three retailers.  Please note, however, that while the items are very similar, each store carries its own brand and the fit might not be the same for the same item. There are some uniform items that are unavailable at one or more retailers; please consult the charts in the Uniform / Dress Code PDF for more information.

The Dress Code

125 Church Street, NE, Vienna, VA 22180 • 703-242-3929

Flynn O’Hara

Fair City Mall, 9650 Main Street, Fairfax, VA  22031 • 703-503-5966 • 1-800-441-4122 (mail order)
1. Click on ‘Place An Order’  2. Register yourself  3. Enter your child’s name; find Lorien Wood by selecting VA, Vienna, and then ‘Lorien Wood’

Lands’ End

1-800-469-2222 (school line)
link to LW page on Lands' End
Lorien Wood’s Preferred School Number is 9000-9586-0
Click here for a PDF with complete information on ordering through Lands' End.