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One the key aspects of the educational experience at Lorien Wood is the strong emphasis on the use of primary sources, the classics, and excellent, timeless children’s literature. 

Through the exposure to a wide selection of rich, quality books in their units of study, students at Lorien Wood develop a love for books and learning, and a deeper understanding of the subject. Because of this distinctive of our educational philosophy, the library at Lorien Wood truly plays a vital role in school life.

The Lorien Wood library has over 16,000 volumes, with more books being catalogued and shelved all the time. With our desire to present our students with excellent, beautifully-crafted books, we have many criteria in mind when selecting books for our library. Some attributes include: Does the book exhibit fine artistry and keen intellect? Does the book portray life as complex and many-sided? Does the book invite and survive frequent re-readings? Is it emotionally compelling and imaginatively engaging?

By keeping these qualities and others in mind, we ensure that the books available to our community are worthwhile, edifying and thought-provoking.

Online Database/Library Catalog

Browse the entire Lorien Wood collection using the resource link below:

Birthday Book Program

Our collection has grown through donations and the "Birthday Book Program." In lieu of bringing in special birthday treats, we have a voluntary program where students and parents may choose to contribute a book in the child's honor to the library. Books are presented during morning opening, and receive a special bookplate.

If you desire to donate a birthday book, please consult the Lorien Wood wish list on Amazon for a list of books that are currently needed in our collection.

Contact parents Heather Etner and Bree Steiner with any questions about our collection.