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High School

At Lorien Wood, we have been re-imagining education since our earliest years! We believe that in all stages of an education, students should be in the midst of the lifelong journey of exploring God’s world and discovering their place in it, by cultivating their intellect, character, faith, and curiosity. In the high school years at Lorien Wood, students are exposed to the vast world of ideas, as we help them discern what is true through a Biblical lens. We want them to continue to understand who God is, how He has created them, and learn more about His world.  

We help students prepare to enter the world around them, able to articulate their beliefs and engage in the marketplace of ideas. They will grow in their ability to peacefully and beautifully engage with others who are opposed to their worldview, contributing to the world for good, and God’s glory.  

The Lorien Wood high school years continue the incredibly unique integral approach to education found in the lower school years. We believe that school is not a series of fragmented classes, but that God has uniquely designed His world in an integral way, where literature, science, art, math, history and all areas of study inform our whole understanding of the world. This integral approach to education not only looks at the whole of what we are learning in an integral way, but also takes the whole student into account. In high school, as in all of our years at Lorien Wood, we are establishing and maintaining a school environment where God is glorified and children have the opportunities and resources to develop a deep love of learning. 

It is our great privilege to partner with parents as we continue to help young adults explore God’s  world, discover their place in it, and launch as high school graduates serving Him with confidence, courage, and grace all throughout the globe. 

High School Course Details

Form 5 (9th and 10th grades):

9th grade Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2 

10th grade Math: Geometry, Algebra 2, or Trigonometry 

Language: Latin, German, French, Spanish, or ASL.  

Science: Biology and Chemistry Integral Units 

Bible Study: Mornings daily  

Humanities Year 1: We Hold These Truths: Foundations of Freedom to Titans of Industry  (The French and Indian War through the Industrial Revolution 1750s-1900s in America)

Semester In-Depth Courses for Year 1: Structure of Government and Making Laws/Policy  and Freedom to Believe: Great Awakenings and the American Church 

Humanities Year 2: The American Project: War, Work, Wealth, and Walls (World War 1  through the Great COVID Pandemic 1910-2020s in America).  

Semester In-Depth Courses for Year 2: Economics in America (20th Century) and Called to Serve: Who does God say I am and How did He create me to serve Him?  

Form 6 (11th grade) 

Math: Algebra 2, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus 

Bible Study: Mornings daily.  

Languages: Latin, German, French, Spanish, or ASL.  Ancient Greek and Mandarin (only offered in 11th and 12th grade) 

Humanities: Colliding Cultures: The Modern to Post-Modern Age Across the Globe (The  World Stage during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries) 

Semester In-Depth Courses: Art History and Church History  

Science: Integral Environmental and Life Sciences 

Form 6 (12th grade): 

Math: Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Personal Finance 

Bible Study: Mornings daily  

Humanities: Articulating Antiquity: Classical Explorations of Philosophy, Literature, History, and Thinking  

Science: Physics  

Semester In-Depth Courses: Christian Literary Classics (Christian authors, philosophers, theologians, and thinkers) and Rhetoric and Argumentation 

Senior Capstone Project


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