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2nd and 3rd grades

In alternating years Form Two follows the themes of “The American Adventure” and “The Heroic Quest.”

Year One — The American Adventure: A Pioneering Spirit

This year is composed of the following units:
   •  The First Americans: Living with the Land
   •  The Early English Settlers: Surviving in a New World
   •  The Thirteen Colonies: Building a New Life
   •  The New Nation: Establishing our Identity
   •  The Push West: Seeking Adventure
   •  The Final Frontiers: Exploring the Unknown

Year Two — The Heroic Quest

This academic year is composed of the following units:
   •  The Heroic Quest: A Life of Virtue
   •  Military Heroes: Armed for Battle
   •  Heroes on a Mission: Heeding the Call
   •  Heroes Against All Odds: Courage to Do Hard Things
   •  The Artist’s Quest: Capturing Beauty and Truth
   •  Heroes in Disguise: I Can Be a Hero!

Click here for examples of the rich literature used during each unit year.

The various academic skill-building curricula used in Form Two are detailed on the Curriculum page.