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What are Forms?

Lorien Wood utilizes a form system in the structuring of our grades. Each form consists of two classes. These small, mixed-age classes give teachers greater flexibility to nurture children at different ability levels and allow students to progress at their own pace in particular skills. Math and Phonics programs are taught at grade-specific levels.

The Forms are as follows:
  • The Shire: Junior Kindergarten
  • Form One: Kindergarten and 1st grade combined  (2 Form One classes)
  • Form Two: 2nd and 3rd grades combined   (2 Form Two classes)
  • Form Three: 4th and 5th grades combined  (2 Form Three classes)
  • Watershed: 6th grade  (One class)
  • Journey Form Four: 7th and 8th grades combined  (with block schedule for the variety of academic subjects)
  • Form Five: 9th & 10th grades 

There are other benefits of the form system. It provides students with greater classroom diversity throughout the course of their educational experience at Lorien Wood. Students benefit both from our small class sizes (approximately 16 students), while enjoying the variety of a slightly different composition of students in their class from year to year.

The form system also enhances a sense of community amongst the students. From the oldest middle school students down to the kindergartners, all the children have many opportunities to interact with and get to know one another. The form system facilitates the development of character in each student, as older children find themselves in mentoring and leadership roles with those who are younger, while the newcomers to the class each year gain practice in following their older peers while adjusting to a new setting. The form system creates the possibility for a "fresh start" socially for every child with his or her peers.