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Form Four Journey: 7th and 8th grades

Form Four, also called our Journey program, engages with an exciting two-year survey of world history. This world history survey provides an intensive, academically and spiritually rigorous preparation for high school. The humanities-rich study explores the formation of cultural and individual identity through world history.

The Form Four Journey science program integrates with the units of study and challenges students with age-appropriate materials to develop their skills with critical thinking, hands-on experiments, and outdoor studies. Students engage in scientific pursuits much as professional scientists do. In the course of two years, students complete hundreds of labs on a wide variety of topics including dissections, simulations, and lab techniques. 

The curriculum also includes two years of Latin using Ecce Romani curriculum. (Both years of Latin combine to meet the Latin I requirement for high school)

Mathematics: Students can follow on two maths tracks using the rigorous Holt McDougal (formerly called McDougal-Littell) math curriculum:

   *  Pre-Algebra (7th grade) to Algebra (8th grade); or
   *  Algebra (7th grade) to Geometry (8th grade)

The thematic units run on alternating years. One year, Form Four Journey students study Ancient through Medieval history, and then the following year, students study the Renaissance and Reformation periods, all the way through to present day.

History of the World
Year One: Ancient through Medieval–The Creation of Cultural Identity

   *  Origins–Evolution and Creation
   *  Ancient  Israelites and Surrounding Cultures
   *  Building Empires: Greece, Rome, China
   *  The Medieval World
   *  East versus West–A Study of the Crusades
   *  Exploration and Conquest: Europeans in Mesoamerica

Year Two: Renaissance to the Present–The Formation of Individual Identity

   *  Renaissance and Reformation
   *  Four Revolutions: The English Civil War, American Revolution, French Revolution and Scientific Revolution
   *  Colonization–Africa and Asia in the 18th-20th Centuries
   *  Industrialization and Immigration
   *  Totalitarianism
   *  Current Issues and Ethics

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