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Assessing Student Performance

Report cards

Report cards are sent home three times each year, at the end of each trimester. They reflect distinct measures of scholarship and effort. Each child’s scholarship in several areas is indicated at the following levels: Secure, Developing, Beginning, and Not Evident.

In the same areas, effort is measured at the following levels: Outstanding, Good, Inconsistent and Unsatisfactory. In addition to these scholarship and effort marks, teachers include detailed notes to parents on each student's progress during that trimester.

Journey Form Four (Grades 7-8)
In addition to scholarship and effort marks, Form Four report cards also reflect a letter grade for each subject which continues into the High School years.

Click here for a more in-depth explanation of our approach to student assessment.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Parents receive their child's report card in advance of conferences to prepare for the conference time. In addition, parents can arrange for ad hoc conversations with a teacher.

Use of Standardized Tests

Students in grades 4 and above may participate annually in Standardized Tests. While we value the information gained from these annual standardized tests, we use results primarily to confirm classroom observations and other assessments by our faculty. These tests are also useful in preparing students for similar tests in their years beyond Lorien Wood.