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As detailed on the Educational Philosophy page, at Lorien Wood we present a full range of academic subjects in a manner that reveals their inherent interconnectedness. Breaking down the traditional boundaries reflects the reality and the excitement of the world we live in. Rather than organize our studies in discrete but disconnected subjects, we arrange our studies into thematic units. Lorien Wood's integral approach to curriculum ensures that history, science, math, the arts, communication and religion all inform the student’s exploration of the topic at hand.

At the heart of our units, Lorien Wood uses a “living book” approach—classic books that speak to a child’s imagination. Projects, presentations, discussions and further exploration follow from the engagement with these books. The critical skills of reading, writing, speaking and reasoning are practiced throughout the units, tools that the children refine to aid them in their growing quest for understanding.

Curricular Themes

In Lorien Wood’s integral curriculum, each Form uses a theme for the year to tie together a series of units that are approximately six weeks in length. Form themes alternate each year, so the same theme does not repeat between one year and the next. During the two years a student is in that form, he/she is able to complete the curricular two-year theme. Read more below about each Form's theme.

The Shire  •  Form One   •   Form Two   •   Form Three
Watershed   •   Form Four  •   High School 

Academic Skill-Building Programs

In the context of our integral curriculum, Lorien Wood faculty use several packaged, comprehensive curricula to develop the skills of reading, writing, spoken language, and mathematics through each of the grades.