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Hear from our graduates, parents and faculty about Lorien Wood:

Graduate Testimonials

“I appreciate the depth of relationship with my teachers. Even after I graduated, Lorien Wood’s teachers are still interested in what I am learning and how I'm doing in high school. I know that my teachers from Lorien Wood care about me.”
— Madelyn M., graduated 2016

“I loved the integral curriculum at Lorien Wood and how imagination and innovation were encouraged. Also, I appreciate the school's emphasis on learning for its own sake and for the joy of learning, to learn more about God’s world.” — Emma W., graduated 2013

“I loved being really known by friends and faculty there. Lorien Wood was a real family to me during my years there and now.”
— Emily A., graduated 2016

“Lorien Wood is a wonderful, grace-filled place. As a boy with energy and an active learner, I appreciated my teachers’ ability to challenge me with high expectations but also with understanding and grace.”
— Christopher W., graduated 2014

“Lorien Wood cultivates an excitement for learning that extends through high school, college and beyond.” — Lindsey P., graduated 2012

“The small class sizes allow teachers to cater to each student's needs and promote deep friendship. Lorien Wood values you as a whole, complete person.”
— Kate P., graduated 2014

“I appreciated the small classes, the biblical worldview, and the focus on good writing skills which prepared me well for high school. I also valued getting to know my friends’ parents so well because of parental involvement.” — Peter A., graduated 2012

“The richness of the autodidacts in Form Four was a favorite — being able to learn more deeply about some aspect of each unit of study through making a movie, performing a play, etc., fostered my imagination and my love for learning. Through the curriculum and teaching, we were able to remember what we learned—going deep in study instead of memorizing facts for a test that might quickly fade.”
— Meghan W., graduated 2013


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