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“We are very blessed to be a part of the Lorien Wood community where the school builds children with character, morals, respect and honor. It is a unique school that emphasizes and encourages children to be children through interaction with nature, outdoor play and creative learning tools. We also love the fact that parents are involved in the daily life of the school and the parents, teachers are invested in the school's curriculum and success.  Finally, the small class sizes allow children to thrive at their own pace and allows teachers to interact with each student. It is truly a wonderful school.”

“We are entering our 10th year at Lorien Wood....and could not be more grateful for the gracious, Christ centered community, for the ‘big ideas’ that our children consider each day, and for the rich educational environment. Cultivating life-long learners is a worthy goal, and Lorien Wood engages students holistically, seeking to train hearts and minds to discover God's world and find their place in it. Learning experientially is a joy-filled adventure for the entire Lorien Wood community of parents, students, teachers and staff.”

“Our family has been incredibly blessed to find Lorien Wood and plant our educational roots there. I have a first grader and a kindergartner and they have both enjoyed it and thrived. I have seen a curiosity arise that wasn't there before, and a deeper love for learning grow. I appreciate the way that faith is integrated into everything, and the intentionality and thought that inspires the curriculum and educational approach. This makes faith in God so much more approachable because they see how it applies to all areas of life. Their days are filled with hands on learning, reading "living" books, and making connections between the disciplines and seeing that all things are for God, by God and in God.”