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A child’s academic success depends on a dynamic partnership between home and school.

Research reflects that a school's educational quality improves substantially with increased parent engagement. The Lorien Wood Parental Involvement (PI) Distinctive explains why we value parents as active participants in the school and how we create unique ways to support that participation. Lorien Wood parents actively participate in the education of their children and the life of the school, serving  the community in a variety of ways.

First, parents can model the idea of lifelong learning by reading and exploring God’s world alongside their children.

Second, parents serve the community by giving their time to the school. Parents are needed to serve as office assistants, library assistants, lunch and recess monitors, and drop-off and pick-up supervisors. Regular fulfillment of one of these roles is a core requirement of service for all families.

Third, parents enhance the school by sharing their  talents and skills. For some this might mean helping to organize a baseball game at recess or joining the prayer group; for others, this might be sharing their experience living abroad with a class studying South America, playing an instrument at school opening, chaperoning a field trip, or coordinating a school festival.

At Lorien Wood, parents are part of their children’s community of learning

Current LW parents — visit PI Resources under the Parents Tab for more specific information.