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The sense of community among families, teachers, and students is an important element of Lorien Wood. All three come together with the common purpose of a Christ-centered education. We invite you to also watch our "Pillars of Lorien Wood" video at the bottom to get a window in on the special community fostered at Lorien Wood.

Community activities include:
  • Start-of-School Blessing Service (September)

  • Back to School Night (September)

  • Community Events (such as Family Fun Arts night or Fall Festival)

  • Lessons and Carols Service (December)

  • New Families Picnic for the whole community (May)

  • Field Day (organized by the 7th graders each year, in May typically, for the whole school)

  • Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony (June)

  • End of year Unit Presentation and fellowship time (last day of school)

  • Parent Work Day to prepare the classrooms for the start of school (Summer)

Community-building groups:
  • Prayer Team — meets weekly to pray over needs of the school and each other

  • Hospitality Committee — hosts and organizes community and school events

  • Yearbook Committee

Community publications:
  • Lorien Wood Leader — monthly newsletter which includes school news and events, articles on our educational philosophy and our distinctives in action, student contributions

  • Spotlight article series — An occasional series of extra articles on key academic disciplines or other aspects of school life

  • The Lantern — Our special annual Yearbook filled with photos of the year and coverage of the unit studies

  • The Lorien Wood Reader — A compendium of key articles written by Head of School, faculty and board members that further illuminate and explain our educational  model