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At Lorien Wood, we understand parental involvement to be crucial if the school is to be a place of academic strength and spiritual vitality. To this end, Lorien Wood parents use their God-given gifts and their time and presence to enrich their child's education environment.

By joining Lorien Wood community, parents commit to fulfilling Lorien Wood's requirements for parental involvement. There are many types of PI jobs—core roles that are required for the smooth, daily running of the school (e.g. lunch or recess parent, morning drop off duty, etc.) and non-core roles that are just as important but aren't necessarily a part of the student's school day. 

In addition to blessing students and faculty, the presence and participation of parents at Lorien Wood contributes greatly to the building of community as well, forging bonds between parents and enabling our parents to truly get to know all the students at the school.

Parents keep track of their own PI hours and enter them through our ParentsWeb system. Regularly recording your hours helps you stay on track and is a huge help to our PI Coordinator. Contact Noelle Holmes, PI Coordinator, with any questions. The "Logging PI Hours" page provides instructions for how to do this.

Open PI Slots

There are always substitutes needed, especially for daily core jobs, and more so as we head into the cold and flu season. If you are willing to be contacted for potential substitutions for the daily core jobs, please let Noelle Holmes (Board member, PI coordinator) know.

PI Master Schedule

Need a reminder of your core PI role or need to arrange a swap with another parent? Log in to ParentsWeb and retrieve the PI Master Schedule file from the Documents section.