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Opening (Chapel) Themes for 2021-2022:

This year, our yearlong theme is Firmly Rooted in the Name above All Names. What an appropriate thing to focus on, given our current circumstances! 

There have been times in the last 18 months when it has been so tempting to be tossed about by every news story, social media update, or happening on the world stage. It can be easy to worry, wonder, and think where is God in all of this? We can be certain that He is on the Throne, still our King and Savior, our unwavering firm foundation!

When it feels like all hope is gone and circumstances are difficult, our certainty in who he is brings comfort in sorrow, strength when we feel weak, and encouragement when our faith threatens to falter. Knowing the names of God, as they illuminate his character and heart for us, gives us the certainty we need when all else seems uncertain. 

This year, we will study over 30 of the many names and characteristics of God. We will learn about Alpha and Omega-- the First and the Last, when God reminds us of His wholeness.  He is all and in all.  Jehovah-Jireh—the God who provides—and have we seen that 100-fold over this last year and lean on him to provide everything we need for each new day!  His names reveal so many things about the amazing God we serve!

As Christ- followers, we are not tossed about by the swirling winds of the world, but are firmly rooted in the knowledge of who God is—our strong tower, our redeemer, our comforter, our friend, our El Roi—the God who sees!  We have great hope and joy, knowing that the one who created the universe holds us in the palm of His hands. We trust in the One who goes before us, Firmly Rooted in the Name Above All Names!

It’s a blessing to start the day with your child(ren) and learn all that they are exploring in God's Word.