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Chapel Themes for 2017-18
I Am: Knowing who I am because of who He is

This past week we reveled in the majesty and unchanging nature of God. He is self-existent, He is unchanging, and He is Holy. He is our Yahweh, the Great I Am. I pray you’ve been able to consider His power and unchanging nature this past week as a family.  What a gift to know that in our crazy world, that can often feel upside down, we serve a powerful God who is steadfast and remains the same yesterday, today, and forevermore!

Next Week: Elohim Kedoshim, The Holy God

Continuing our considerations from last week of the Great I Am, this week we will be discussing the holiness of God.  His throne is “high and lifted up,” far above all earthly thrones—there are no competing kings or rulers to the King of Kings. What a mighty God we serve that the whole earth trembles before Him!  He is our Elohim Kedoshim: the Holy God, high above all else.

As you reflect on His holiness, it is easy to become acutely aware of our own sinfulness.  This week we will specifically look at His holiness in two ways, focusing on: 1. His greatness and 2. His goodness.  We recognize  He is Holy; we are not. Yet what a gift we have in the atonement for our sin through Jesus Christ, our Lord! We celebrate that fact this week, and every week.  

“Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness; tremble before him, all the earth!” Psalm 96:9

  • Discuss how God is different than we are. What does this comparison tell you?
  • Talk with your children about what holy living looks like.  What must your child embrace, and what must he or she put behind?
  • Pray and ask the Lord to show you His greatness and goodness throughout this week.
  • Discuss what it means to fear the Lord.  How do we stand in awe before Him?
  • Note: many of these considerations come from materials written by Sally Michael, author of How Majestic is Your Name, ministry materials for the study of the names of God.

Parents are always invited to stay for Morning Opening. It's a blessing to start the day with your child(ren) and learn all that they are exploring in God's Word.