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What is TRIP?

Lorien Wood’s Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) helps families reduce tuition through their purchases of scrip gift cards—from and for your favorite retailers—for goods and services (e.g. groceries, gas, pizza, household goods, etc.) normally used in the course of daily life. For a complete list of participating retailers, arranged by category, click here.

How does TRIP reduce my tuition at Lorien Wood?

When you purchase gift cards or eCards from any of the hundreds of participating retailers at, Lorien Wood earns rebates from these retailers. As an incentive to use the scrip gift cards program, Lorien Wood will apply 50% of the rebates from your purchases to your family’s tuition account.

Rebates range from 1% to 20% or even more, depending on the retailer. Over time, the rebates really add up! For starters, Lorien Wood recommends families commit to planning and paying for one regular and significant purchase – such as groceries each month – through this program. 

How much can a single family's grocery purchases raise for Lorien Wood in a year?

Grocery Spending

4% rebate to school

Tuition benefit applied

$100 per week



$200 per week



$300 per week



As you add in pizza delivery nights, an occasional night at the movies, gift cards to various stores for family and friends at Christmas or birthdays, sporting goods, books, clothing, even major appliance purchases, etc., your financial blessing to Lorien Wood multiplies – as do the dollars subtracted from your family’s tuition.

How much money could I earn?

Families who participate can easily earn anywhere from $50 to perhaps even $1000 or more off their total tuition, depending on how actively they participate. Extended family, such as grandparents, and friends can help you out as well. (Contact a program administrator for more information.)

When do I receive the tuition credit?

Twice per year: January and July. Rebates collected through December 31 will be credited toward January’s tuition bill. Rebates accumulated from January 1 through end of fiscal year June 30 will be awarded via tuition rebate checks in early July.

How do I get started?
  1. Sign the Participation Agreement – and submit to Lorien Wood TRIP coordinator, Dana Metzger, at, or place in her mailbox in school office.

  2. Register your family account at the ShopWithScrip Registration page (Lorien Wood Enrollment Code is 14266C9438L77). See this brief tutorial PDF.

  3. Once your account is activated, sign up for PrestoPay. (See PrestoPay Instructional PDF) This will enable secure payment transfers directly from your checking account to pay for all scrip orders. For administrative reasons, Lorien Wood does not accept check or credit card payments for the TRIP program.

  4. When PrestoPay sends the email with your 4-digit acceptance code, forward code to for activation.

  5. Start shopping at and earn rebates towards your family's tuition! 

I signed up, now how do I place orders?

Once you have registered and with the PrestoPay payment service, you can shop for plastic gift cards, reload additional value to reloadable cards previously acquired, or purchase immediately available ScripNow eCards.

Reload and ScripNow purchases can be made anytime. All plastic gift card orders will be released for delivery every two weeks (with occasional exceptions for holidays) and sent home in a special envelope in your child’s backpack on Leader Thursdays. Orders must be submitted by the Friday before each delivery date. Plastic SCRIP Cards will usually come home with the bi-monthly Leader newsletter.

Contact Us

For technical questions or help regarding account setup or order process, contact your Lorien Wood TRIP Coordinator DanaMetzger at

For shopping tips and to learn how to get the most out of TRIP for your family and school, contact your Lorien Wood TRIP Managers Heather Etner at or Ashley Kelley at