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Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is listed below. Tuition can be paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the academic year, or can be paid in 10 equal monthly payments, July through May, with no payment in February (re-enrollment month). The first tuition payment is due July 15, 2017.

Grade                              Annual Tuition
Kindergarten (4 day)               $8,150
1st-8th Grades                         $9,800
Activity Fees (in addition to annual tuition):  K–5th Grade – $150;  6th–8th Grades – $450

Tuition for each following academic year is set in January / February of the preceding year.

A non-refundable application fee of $75 per student, not to exceed $150 per family, is due with the completed application. A deposit of one month's tuition is due at time of enrollment.

All books, materials, school supplies and fees associated with activities are included in the tuition and are provided by the school.

Lorien Wood has a robust Tuition Assistance Program
to which we encourage families to apply.

Details on our Tuition Assistance Program are below. We desire to talk personally with you about any questions you have about tuition and our academic program at Lorien Wood.

Tuition Assistance Program

Lorien Wood is committed to helping families who need financial assistance in order to make a Lorien Wood education feasible. We have dedicated a significant portion of our tuition income toward tuition assistance. We encourage all families interested in Lorien Wood who are at all concerned about their ability to pay to apply for tuition assistance. All families are asked to contribute some portion of their children’s tuition, based on their ability to pay and their other monthly obligations. To request financial aid, a tuition assistance application must be submitted with a student's application or re-enrollment form. Tuition assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need. Allocation of tuition assistance money is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and the Tuition Assistance Committee. All tuition assistance applications are confidential.

Our tuition and Tuition Assistance Program is guided by our Distinctive on "Tuition Based Financial Policy". This distinctive holds the belief that the primary source of financial support for the school will be tuition payments to limit the distractions of fundraising, that is right to ask each family to contribute financial through tuition to their child's education, and that we support board participation in Lorien Wood through an active tuition assistance program based on relative financial status.

For inquiries about our Tuition Assistance Program or for electronic submission of Tuition Assistance applications, email