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The middle school years are a critical time as students transition to the independent, more complex world of adulthood.

Our Middle School Information night is designed to give parents valuable information and insights into the Middle School program at Lorien Wood. From the enriching, multi-disciplinary 6th grade Watershed program to Form Four's Journey program (7th-8th grades) — a two-year survey of the history of the world.

Each year is designed to provide students with an intensive academic and spiritually rigorous preparation for high school. As with all our grades at Lorien Wood, through our thematic units, our faculty members develop students' critical thinking skills, written expression, and encourage student initiative and personal development.

Each October, we hold a special Middle School Information Night to introduce parents to our program. But interested parents are encouraged to attend our January Open Houses on Monday, January 9 at 7:30 pm and Thursday, January 19 at 9am to learn more about Lorien Wood and inquire about our Middle School Program.

Additionally, please also visit our Watershed and Form Four Curriculum pages to learn more about our Middle School program. For more information, please contact the school office, 703-854-1640 or

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