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2nd and 3rd grades

In alternating years Form Two follows the themes of “The American Adventure” and “The Heroic Quest.”

“The American Adventure”

This year is composed of the following units:
   •  First Americans (Native Americans of the East Coast)
   •  Pilgrim and Colonists (including “A Colonial Christmas”)
   •  The New Nation (the establishment of our country and its government)
   •  The Push West (prairie life and transportation)
   •  American Inventors and Adventurers

“The Heroic Quest”

This academic year is composed of the following units:
   •  Heroic Quests
   •  Military Heroes
   •  Heroes on a Mission
   •  Heroes Against All Odds
   •  Heroes in Disguise
   • The Artist’s Quest

Click here for examples of the rich literature used during each unit year.

The various academic skill-building curricula used in Form Two are detailed on the Curriculum page.