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Kindergarten and First grade (separate classes)

In alternating years Form One follows the themes of “This Is My Father’s World” and “Real and Pretend.”

“This Is My Father’s World”

This year is based on the hymn of the same name and the units are as follows:
   •  My Father’s World (creation)
   •  My Listening Ears (the human body and senses)
   •  All Nature Sings (animal classification)
   •  The Music of the Spheres (space)
   •  I Rest Me (rest, sleep, and Sabbath in God’s creation)
   •  Of Rocks (rocks and minerals)
   •  And Trees (plant life)
   •  Of Skies (bird life)
   •  And Seas (ocean life)

“Real and Pretend”

This year is composed of the following units:
   •  Dragons and Dinosaurs
   •  Presidents and Kings
   •  Christmas and the Christ
   •  Heroes and Helpers
   •  Fairies and Angels
   •  Americans of All Kinds

Click here for examples of the quality children's literature woven into various Form One units each year.

The various academic skill-building curricula used in Form One are detailed on the Curriculum page.