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Our Board of Trustees stewards the vision and resources of the school, providing oversight and support to the faculty, staff and Head of School as they educate and nurture the children. Board members serve three-year terms and each member overseas a particular area of school life. The board meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Board of Trustees 2016-2017

   Kelley Arllen
   English Barbour
   Amy Butcher (ex-officio)
   Margaret Cate (Vice Chair)
   Katie Cubba (Chair)
   Eric Langborgh (Treasurer)
   Kimberly Maher
   Kim Mislock
   Cheryl Rose
   Mike Rowe (Secretary)
   Todd Sedmak
   Sonia Thomsen
   John Zahurancik

(Front row, left to right): Kim Mislock, Katie Cubba, English Barbour, Kelley Arllen, Margaret Cate, Amy Butcher. (Back row, left to right) Cheryl Rose, Kimberly Maher, Mike Rowe, John Zahurancik, Eric Langborgh, Sonia Thomsen, Todd Sedmak

Board committees oversee various aspects of school life:

The Student Affairs Committee works in collaboration with the Head of School in matters relating to families and students. The HR Committee similarly works alongside the Head of School on human resource related tasks. Each committee meets regularly and as needs arise.

Student Affairs Committee: Katie Cubba (Chair), Kelley Arllen, John Zahurancik

HR Committee: Margaret Cate (Vice Chair), Eric Langborgh, Kimberly Maher

Admissions Committee, Leads: Sonia Thomsen, English Barbour, Kim Mislock

(Other LW members of Admissions Committee: Margaret Cate, Joe Cubba, Heather Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Manise, Dana Weigand)

Parental Involvement: Kimberly Maher, Kelley Arllen

Tuition Assistance Committee: John Zahurancik, Eric Langborgh (Treasurer), Jennifer Manise