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The Shire: Pre-Kindergarten

Ellen Enmark 

Ellen Enmark joined the Lorien Wood faculty in 2021, having previously served as a member of the Board of Trustees and in the role of Treasurer. Ellen developed her passion for teaching after taking time off from her career in corporate accounting to focus on her family. Her introduction to the school's integral approach came as a parent of young students, and she soon found a home working with other students across the forms as a substitute teacher and through other parental involvement (PI) roles. She also teaches Sunday School to preschool children at her local church, where she served as Sunday School Coordinator. While she loves children of all ages, she feels most called to share the Word of God with His smallest image bearers and help them gain a better understanding of His world. Ellen holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from Grove City College.  

Ellen and her husband Ty have three children, all of whom attend Lorien Wood. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, barre classes, and spending time with family and friends.