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Erica Reiter (Director of Outdoor Education)

Erica joined the Lorien Wood faculty in 2009 as the Watershed Teacher. She was the lead Watershed Teacher for seven years before becoming the Director of Outdoor Education for the entire K-8 education program at Lorien Wood. She is a graduate of Grove City College with a B.S. in Biology and minor in Studio Art, and holds a Masters in the Social Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia.

She grew up in rural, northeast Ohio on a small family farm where they had a menagerie of animals. This experience began her love of the outdoors and all things having to do with the stewardship of creation.

Erica worked summers for the National Forest Service in Gallatin National Forest of Montana as a wilderness and wildlife research technician, and as a member of the backcountry trail crew. She explored miles of wilderness both on foot and on horseback and did research work on grizzly bear and elk populations. These experiences gave her valuable insight to ecological field studies. Working with several school groups in Montana solidified her desire to teach in the science realm.

She finds joy in helping younger generations explore creation, discovering the beauty of God in His handiwork. Erica enjoys all things outdoors as well as reading and drawing.