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Hannah Dillon

Hannah Dillon joined the Lorien Wood faculty in 2019.  She holds a BA in Music from Michigan State University, where she specialized in French horn performance and a MA in Teaching from Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL). Before Lorien Wood, she taught in a wide variety of settings, from public school elementary to piano lessons to children's ministry.  

Hannah draws upon various music education philosophies, including Kodaly, Orff, and the work of John Feierabend, to create a joyful purposeful curriculum for a wide range of students. She strives to increase music literacy, to provide a wide variety of musical performance and creative experiences, and to nurture active listening. This all happens within the greater Lorien Wood integral curriculum framework, and Hannah aims to seamlessly integrate her music curriculum into each Form's unit studies.

Hannah and her husband, Joel, have two children at Lorien Wood. In her free time, she enjoys checking off a book from her very long to-read list, playing geeky board games with friends, tackling crafty projects, and camping with her family.