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Lynnette Fields, Director of Curriculum and Development and High School Humanities

Lynnette Fields joined the faculty in 2008. She graduated from Covenant College with a B.A. in Elementary Education in 2007. She began exploring a teaching career during an internship in high school and enjoyed working with children at her church all through high school and college. During her time in college, she developed a passion for children’s literature and Art History and knew these needed to be essential elements in her future teaching. Over the course of her teaching career, she has taught in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grades. Her teaching experiences both in and out of the classroom have provided ample opportunity to develop curriculum for the classroom and the garden. In the garden, her passions for education and growing things intertwine. Her family’s nearby farm provides a dedicated place to teach others how to cultivate, enjoy, and preserve vegetables and herbs. The garden has been a classroom where she could develop a knack for entomology through observation of the variety of six-legged visitors attracted by the flowering plants. 

Aside from gardening, Lynnette enjoys reading books of all kinds, playing board games, cultivating her artistic skills, and spending time with her husband and their dog. She brings her enthusiasm for literature, art, and agriculture to the classroom and beyond.

Jessica Ng, Science and Math

Jessica joined the Lorien Wood faculty in 202.  She earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Biology from the College of William and Mary, and the love of science began.  Her focus on invertebrates living at hydrothermal vents took her on incredible adventures around the world and to the bottom of the south Pacific Ocean in the submersible DSV Alvin.  God showed her that he is thrilled at our discovery of His Creation!  She has since performed laboratory research at the University of Virginia and for the Environmental Protection Agency on the gulf coast of Florida.  Her daughters were born in 2008 and 2011, and she primarily stayed home with them, but also started volunteering in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum Ocean Hall, where she wishes she could take her students every week!  In addition to her informal educator position at Smithsonian, she has loved working with a local high school youth group and teaching preschool music.  She and her husband Stephen love hiking and traveling with their girls, and they have performed around the area in a Christian band since 2013.


Amy Tiilikainen, Language

Amy Tiilikainen joined the faculty of Lorien Wood in 2019 after subbing for two years. She received her BA in Religion and Biblical Studies from the University of Evansville before going on to earn a MACE in Religious Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has completed coursework and exams toward a Ph.D. in Church History at The Catholic University of America. While at CUA, she taught an introductory theology seminar for freshmen and worked as an advisor in the Center for Academic Success.  

In addition to Latin, Amy reads French, German, Ancient Greek, Anglo-Saxon, and a smattering of modern Irish.  Her research interests include history of the early Irish and Anglo-Saxon churches and medieval monasticism. When she's not engaged in academic pursuits, Amy plays percussion at her church and volunteers as a unit leader with a local American Heritage Girls troop.  Amy and her husband have one daughter.