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Form Two: 2nd and 3rd grades

Lynnette Fields

Lynnette Fields joined the faculty in 2008. She graduated from Covenant College with a B.A. in Elementary Education in 2007. Following graduation, she first taught fifth grade at a private Christian school in Northern Virginia. After joining the Lorien Wood teaching staff, Lynnette taught Form Two (2nd and 3rd grades) for five years and Kindergarten for two, and is now returning to Form Two! She took a break from teaching for a year to work with her parents at FirstFruits Cooperative, growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit to share with members. She enjoyed learning more about growing food from seed as well as the experience of educating others in the process.

Aside from gardening, Lynnette enjoys preserving the harvest, reading books of all kinds, playing board games, sewing or crafting, going to art museums, volunteering with Access Ministries, and spending time with her husband and their dog. She brings her enthusiasm for literature, art, and agriculture to the classroom and beyond.

Kayla Becker

Kayla Becker joined the Lorien Wood faculty in 2017. She graduated from Bridgewater College in 2015 with a B.A. in Music along with her teacher certification. Throughout her time in college, she helped direct the children's choir at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she further developed her love of teaching and use of music as a way to help children draw closer to their Creator God. After graduation, she taught fourth grade for two years at a private Christian school outside of Harrisonburg.

Aside from teaching, Kayla enjoys all things music — singing in a choir, playing piano and guitar, attending concerts, and helping direct music programs and performances. Kayla brings her love of music and children to her teaching in the classroom.

She loves to travel and has served on three short-term mission trip teams in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kayla also enjoys sporting events, running, baking, eating anything with chocolate and peanut butter, and spending time with her family and friends.