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To read about the Distinctives of our educational model
in a long-form booklet (PDF), click here.

Biblical World View

The conviction that all truth is God’s truth and that all areas of Lorien Wood’s school life are to be understood in the light of the word of God. Our statement of faith is summarized in the Apostles’ Creed.

Integral Curriculum

The full-range of academic subjects presented in thematic units of study conveying the interconnectedness of God’s created order. Breaking down the traditional boundaries between disciplines reflects the reality and excitement of the world in which we live. Supported by JUMP Math, McDougal-Littell (now Holt McDougal) for Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry, and Saxon phonics, our faculty-developed curriculum emphasizes primary sources; great civilizations; inquiry-based science; and timeless literature, art, and music.

Teaching Grounded in Classical Study and Joyful Discovery

A teaching approach that infuses elements of the classical tradition with a Charlotte Mason perspective of the child as a learner. Our methodology incorporates lectures, coaching, and seminar discussions for developing intellectual skills and for enlarging the grasp of ideas and values. We engage the whole person with hands-on experiences, living books, recitation, narration, nature and picture studies.

Character Development

We aim to cultivate in the hearts of our students the ideals of biblical character including discernment, kindness, humility, integrity, joy, responsibility, diligence, and self-control. We encourage evidence of growth through faculty-student conversations, purposeful classroom management practices, and the study of role models in Scripture, history and literature.

Nurturing the Uniqueness of Each Child

With an emphasis on respect for each child within a supportive environment, our small, mixed-age classes are designed to identify and develop each child’s unique abilities while providing the freedom to progress at an appropriate pace.

Parental Involvement

A belief that excellence in education requires parents to see themselves as part of their children’s community of learning and to be willing to assume a high level of involvement.

Tuition-Based Financial Policy

A belief that parents should pay for their child’s education, while sharing that burden with those who cannot afford to pay, through scholarships based on need. A significant portion of all tuition is set aside for this purpose. We believe that a school should seek to operate within this tuition-guided budget so as to minimize the distractions common to fundraising.